Hospital Medicine

What is Tele-Hospital Medicine?

Tele-Hospital Medicine is the practice of hospital medicine conducted via a video conference connection. A live, secure video connection is established between an onsite location, usually a home office, and a hospital. Tele-Hospital medicine allows a physician and patient to participate in typical hospital medicine services even though they are not in the same physical location.


How can Tele-Hospital Medicine benefit my hospital?

Tele-Hospital medicine increases your access to skilled medical staff, virtually, at any time. Using telemedicine, hospitalists located anywhere in the United States – with a license in your state – can evaluate and treat your patients. This significantly increases the number of hospitalists available to meet your needs. You will have final approval of candidates selected for credentialing. Our NCQA certified staff of experts will work with you to move selected candidates through the credentialing and privileging processes at your facilities.


Do you have hospitalists available for coverage in my state?

We provide the most qualified hospitalist regardless of geographic location, which reduces the service-line expense when patient demand warrants only part-time coverage. This also increases physician retention by relieving the burden of afterhours and on-call assignments as well as provides relief to staffed physicians with Tele-Hospitalists handling routine, bread & butter rounds, admissions, and cross coverage.