Expert care for the whole hospital

What is telehospital medicine?

Telehospital medicine is the practice of providing hospital medicine to a patient from a remote physician. We deliver telehospitalist services through a technology-agnostic solution that connects hospitals, clinicians, and patients. A live, secure video connection is established between an offsite physician and a health facility. The visit is identical to a typical hospital visit, except the physician and patient are not in the same physical location.

Our state-licensed telehospitalists can evaluate and treat patients anywhere in America. VirtualMed's expert staff is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and will work with you to move selected physicians through the credentialing and privileging processes at your facilities. You have final approval of candidates and VirtualMed increases your access to skilled medical staff at any time.


Skilled staff & streamlined care

Flexible coverage model reduces service line expense

Immediate access to skilled medical staff

Increase physician retention by relieving after-hours / on-call burdens

Streamlined patient care and increased continuity of care

We deliver quality patient care through
our team of virtual, dedicated physicians.

We provide the most qualified telehospitalists regardless of geographic location, which reduces the service line expense when patient demand warrants only part-time coverage. This improves physician retention by relieving the burden of after hours and on-call assignments, as well as providing relief to staff hospitalists with telehospitalists handling inpatient rounding, admissions and discharges.