Emergency Department

How does Telemedicine Work in Emergency Departments?

Emergency Department patients with mental health issues often wait hours or even days for a mental health assessment due to the lack of available psychiatrists, and in many cases, EDs often admit patients when waiting times to see a psychiatrist reach a day or longer. Telemedicine provides an affordable way for hospitals to have seven-day-a-week, 365-day psychiatric coverage in their emergency departments.

Our average physician response time is 7 minutes

What are the benefits of telemedicine in the emergency department?

  • Increase appropriate admissions and eliminate hospital transfer
  • Shorten ED wait times and length of stay
  • Quicker admissions, initial evaluations and turnaround of patient charts
  • Move patients quickly to the next level of care to increase bed turnover
  • Staff inpatient units during hard-to-staff times – overnight rounding, weekends and holidays