From bedside to webside: New standards for physicians in telemedicine

Explore the five key areas you need to master in order to excel in webside manner, learn best practices, and hear advice and strategies from the top providers in the field on how to connect with patients in a virtual setting.

Whether you are new to telemedicine or looking to establish best practices in an existing program, this white paper will provide insight into:

  • Mastering Webside Manner
  • Best Practices and Standards
  • Tips from Top Providers
  • And Much More

The growing adoption of telemedicine is changing the patient-provider relationship, necessitating a shift from bedside manner to webside manner in order to deliver the same level of care in a virtual setting as in-person care.

Learn about creating meaningful connections with patients, building trust, and providing the same level of care in a virtual setting that you would in-person.

Download the Webside Manner White Paper