WakeMed Telestroke & Teleneurology Programs Set to Go-Live
WakeMed Stroke Task Force approved the implementation of telestroke and teleneurology to expedite prompt diagnoses and appropriate treatment recommendations across all WakeMed hospitals and healthplexes.
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Modern Healthcare: Predicting the Future Role of Telemedicine
As with any disruptive healthcare innovation, it takes time, validation, and the right catalyst before it becomes fully embraced across the medical community. With the coronavirus pandemic, one innovation is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape – telemedicine.
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All In This Together: Army Reserve UAMTF 332-1 Strengthens University Hospital
Read how Capt. (Dr.) Chelsea Pluta, a VirtualMed Staff Psychiatrist, who, along with the Army Reserves Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force, provided support to University Hospital in Newark, N.J. in the fight against COVID-19.
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Tune In! VirtualMed is On The Air
“Web-side manner,” the growing acceptance of telemedicine, and how VirtualMed Staff is here to help. Tune in for a thoughtful interview with Amy Otto, VirtualMed's Director of Customer Experience, as she shares her insights on COVID-19 and telemedicine’s role now and into the future.
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Hospital Chain Switches to Telepsychiatry for E.R., Inpatient Psych Consults
Sutter Health, a Northern California hospital system, is gradually rolling out a telepsychiatry program at all 24 of its locations to better meet patients’ needs and solve their psychiatrist shortage problem, especially at their most rural hospitals.
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