Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sanjeev Singh – The Historian and the Virtual Psychiatrist
“For all of us who do mental health or psychiatry, it’s a calling,” says Dr. Singh, a Psychiatrist with VirtualMed Staff with over two decades of experience treating mental illness. While Dr. Singh spent most of his career tending to patients in person, he now considers telemedicine vital to providing much needed access to mental health resources for patients in need.
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Why the "Great Resignation" Is Driving Physicians to Explore Opportunities in Telemedicine
Healthcare is among the top three industries impacted by the "Great Resignation." Doctors and nurses are now looking for opportunities to lessen their exposure to COVID-19, have a better work/life balance, and give them the space to take care of themselves and their families, which is why many have pursued opportunities in telemedicine.
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From Pandemic to Endemic, What Is Next for Telemedicine as COVID Evolves?
It is predicted that COVID-19 will one day become an endemic, an increasingly predictable virus with greater population immunity, like the flu or a cold. Telemedicine has played a considerable role in healthcare during the pandemic as patients embraced safer virtual visits, but what does a more manageable virus mean for the future of telemedicine?
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Associate Perspective: Starting Off On the Right Foot
There’s something about a new year that I like a lot. Maybe it’s the fact it’s a clean slate, a way to start fresh, and get a sort of do-over. Or maybe it’s just that I like beginnings. Looking forward into the new year, it’s my belief that VirtualMed Staff will continue to thrive. Or maybe what I mean to say is, especially in year three.
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3 Takeaways from Modern Healthcare’s Virtual Health Virtual Briefing
VirtualMed Staff recently partnered with Modern Healthcare for a Virtual Health Virtual Briefing to discuss the current state of telemedicine and what healthcare facilities and hospitals can expect from virtual care moving forward.
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