Answers to the 3 Most Common Questions a Telemedicine Recruiter Receives
It’s important to know which questions to ask and what answers to look for when looking to practice telemedicine. Here are answers to the 3 most common questions a telemedicine recruiter receives.
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Top 5 Reasons Providers are Flocking to Telemedicine
Providers are flocking to telemedicine, but why? From increased flexibility, improved work-life balance, to earning additional income, here are the top 5 reasons providers are joining the virtual care movement.
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Perspective: Filling the Mental Health Gaps in Universities with Telemedicine by Amy Otto
Director of Customer Success, Amy Otto, shares why access to mental health resources on university campuses is vital to address the growing mental health crisis and how telemedicine can help bridge the gap.
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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Maged Botros
“Medicine is very different from one place to another, and you’ll never appreciate it unless you turn on your computer and you see someone in a whole different state with an entirely different story.”
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A Message from Our President - August 2021
In my experience, a true business leader, the real deal, knows that gratitude makes the engine go. That's the only kind of leader others will choose to follow. It's the choosing part that matters most.
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