Perspective: COVID-19 Q&A Session with Therapist Matt Driggers
For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has made a significant impact on our mental health. To learn how to better cope with these feelings of isolation, anxiety, and stress, VirtualMed Staff hosted a remote Q&A session with therapist Matthew Driggers.
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Is Telepsychiatry Right for You as a Provider?
Here’s a look at the benefits of practicing telepsychiatry and the commitment VirtualMed has to its partners when qualifying candidates.
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How Telepsychiatry Supports Healthcare Systems During the Psychiatric Patient Surge
Psychiatric patients are delaying treatment due to fears around COVID-19, leading many healthcare systems anticipating a surge in mental health related cases. Here's how telepsychiatry can support healthcare systems and address many of the upcoming challenges.
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COVID-19 Telehealth Program eBook
Everything hospitals and health systems need to know about the COVID-19 Telehealth Program.
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COVID-19 Q&A Session with Dr. Tom Tuzel, Chief Medical Officer at VirtualMed Staff
We share the same questions and concerns that many of us across America have during these uncertain and difficult times. To alleviate some of these fears and find answers, we reached out to VirtualMed Staff’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tom Tuzel, for a remote Q&A session with questions provided by the VirtualMed team.
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