VirtualMed Staff’s Teleneurologists Are Making a Difference
When a patient receives a potentially life-threatening diagnosis, access to timely care is paramount. But what happens when the only available in-person appointment is months away? For millions of Americans, this is the reality – a reality that telemedicine and VirtualMed Staff are working to change.
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A Message From Our President - April 2021
Life is a Series of One-Day Contracts. Parents of small children and dogs already know - it feels good to have something as simple as your return home cause happiness to suddenly erupt.
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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Tanya Scurry
The Physician Spotlight Series is an opportunity to highlight the value and expertise of VirtualMed Staff’s team of physicians. Dr. Scurry shares the story of how a rotation in Ireland led to becoming a life-long advocate of telemedicine.
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Perspective: Telemedicine Gave My Father Another Fighting Chance at Life
Telemedicine represents a unique opportunity to help tackle the drug crisis in the United States, and a promising solution to a public health crisis. Erica Land wanted to share her story in the hopes of starting a conversation around addiction and behavioral health.
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“Will This Work?” Effective Strategies for a Successful Telemedicine Launch
Here are several effective strategies that will help shake off the pre-launch jitters and prepare for a successful telemedicine program launch.
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