4 Goals for an Effective Telemedicine Program
As with any innovation, the road to successful execution begins with clearly defining your goals and objectives. We’ve outlined four potential (and effective) goals to have in place that will ensure your telemedicine program is successful.
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4 Reasons to Choose a Technology Neutral Telemedicine Partner
From ownership over technology to easier scaling and expansion, choosing a technology neutral telemedicine partner can make implementing a telemedicine program easier, simpler, and more cost effective.
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4 Benefits of Using Teleneurologists for Inpatient Rounding
Teleneurologists can help bridge this gap in routine care and help hospitals maximize resources, improve efficiency, and provide patients with a better health outcome. Here are four benefits of using teleneurologists for inpatient rounding.
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5 Signs You Need Telepsychiatry Coverage
What are the signs you should look for when deciding whether you need telepsychiatry coverage? From reducing behavioral health delays to too much spending on locums, here are 5 signs that will let you know when it's time to add telepsychiatry coverage.
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A Message From Our President - August 2020
VirtualMed Staff President, Jack Williams, shares his monthly update regarding the company, telemedicine, and patient care.
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