Young populations benefit from telemedicine
Generation Z may have never lived in a world without devices, and so it would seem that telemedicine was made for them. However, according to recent data, only 10% of young people reported experiencing a telemedicine visit before 2020.
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Telemedicine expands access to care for those with Alzheimer's
June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, a time to share information and recognize the 55 million people worldwide that are living with Alzheimer's or dementia and their caregivers.
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A Message From Our President - May 2022
It’s Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S., focusing on improving the understanding of mental health issues and reducing the stigma. We believe this conversation is a needed and fundamentally important one. That is why prioritizing the mental health of each and every member of our team is essential.
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Awareness and treatment are key for maintaining your mental health
National Mental Health Month provides an opportunity to bring awareness to the limits of access to mental healthcare, the growing number of people experiencing symptoms, and the importance of advocacy. May is also a time to focus on understanding our own personal mental health. It is estimated that as few as half of those who experience a mental illness receive treatment.
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How a virtual psychiatrist improves patient comfortability
Many patients that have relied on telemedicine have found that working with a physician virtually delivers the same care and compassion they would have with an in-person visit. For those struggling with mental health issues specifically, telepsychiatry provides more access to those who need treatment for anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, and more.
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