Perspective: Remodeling Healthcare Through Telemedicine by Tommy Binner
VirtualMed Staff's Sr. Director of Business Development, Tommy Binner, shares his long-term view on telemedicine and how it's remodeling healthcare for the better.
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Perspective: Teleneurology Q&A and the Future of Telemedicine with Dr. Jeffrey English
At VirtualMed Staff, we’re fortunate to work with some of the top teleneurologists in the field. That’s why we reached out to Neurologist Dr. Jeffrey English for his perspective on teleneurology and the future of telemedicine.
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5 Applications of Teleneurology
There are very few medical specialties today that can’t utilize telemedicine - including neurology. Here are five applications of teleneurology and how healthcare facilities are leveraging the solution to treat and manage a wide range of neurological conditions.
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A Message From Our President - September 2020
VirtualMed Staff President, Jack Williams, shares his monthly update regarding the company, telemedicine, and patient care.
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5 Challenges and Solutions for Improving Telemedicine Adoption
With telemedicine acceptance on the rise, some hospitals and clinics are still hesitant to implement programs based on misconceptions and unwarranted concerns. Here are five challenges and solutions for improving telemedicine adoption.
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