VirtualMed Staff recognizes the importance of work/life balance
At VirtualMed Staff, work/life balance is a much-discussed topic. Telemedicine has allowed providers to deliver care from the convenience of home. Virtual physicians can enjoy the flexibility of a manageable schedule while still practicing medicine and treating patients.
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Associate perspective: Concussion Awareness Day brings spotlight to teleneurology
With concussion awareness day this month, it is important to increase awareness that diagnosis, treatment plans, and follow-up care can be completed utilizing teleneurology services.
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5 reasons why telemedicine is busting the myths around virtual psychotherapy
Mental health is no longer disregarded as it once was, and more are recognizing that it directly impacts overall wellbeing. Awareness campaigns, such as National Psychotherapy Day, advocates, and more representation in the media have improved acceptance of mental health struggles and treatment.
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How telemedicine is helping sports-related concussion treatment
Falls, vehicle injuries, and other collisions can affect brain performance, but sports accidents are often the cause of these traumatic injuries, with an estimated 1.6 million to 3.8 million sports-related concussions occurring in the U.S. every year; however, many medical providers acknowledge the number is considerably higher due to significant under-reporting or unknown injuries.
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A Message From Our President - August 2022
Can you imagine waiting nine months for an appointment with a neurologist while dealing with Parkinson's disease? How about waiting eight months while suffering from migraines? It seems extreme, but it is happening.
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