A Message From Our President - April 2020
The last six weeks for VirtualMed Staff have been a complete reload on how we do business, and where we do it. Our entire team is entering its sixth week of working completely from home, after we followed the requirement for shelter in place that came from the governor of Georgia.
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COVID-19 Q&A Session with Dr. Tom Tuzel, Chief Medical Officer at VirtualMed Staff
We share the same questions and concerns that many of us across America have during these uncertain and difficult times. To alleviate some of these fears and find answers, we reached out to VirtualMed Staff’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tom Tuzel, for a remote Q&A session with questions provided by the VirtualMed team.
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4 Ways Telehealth Can Help Flatten the Curve
Here are four ways hospitals can use telehealth to help flatten the curve, minimize the risk of spreading the virus, and save precious medical resources.
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How to Overcome Physician Shortages with Telemedicine
Telemedicine has evolved from buzzword to a must-have solution for hospitals across the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it's a vital solution to overcome physician shortages and expand hospital resources.
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