Webside Manner: A New Standard in a New Normal
Healthcare is going virtual - and for hospitals that want to succeed in this type of interaction, providers must start practicing good “webside manner”.
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Is Your Practice Ready for the Virtual Care Boom?
Across the country, patients and providers are using telemedicine to communicate and receive treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s why telemedicine will be at digital solution for patient access moving forward into a post-COVID world.
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It’s Not Too Late for Clinics to Think About Telemedicine
With the rapid rise of telemedicine, many clinics are left wondering whether it’s too late to adopt telemedicine as a service line. Here’s why it’s not too late for clinics to think about telemedicine and why adoption rates will rise as telemedicine experiences its own tipping point.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Add Telemedicine to Your Clinical Practice
If you haven’t incorporated telemedicine into your clinical practice, there’s no better time to expand services and provide patients with access to remote care options. Here are 6 reasons why you should add telemedicine to your clinical practice.
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Perspective: Investing in Workplace Mental Health Resources with Amy Otto
Director of Customer Experience, Amy Otto, shares her personal story on how COVID-19 impacted her mental health and the importance of investing in mental health resources as an employer.
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