Perspective: Investing in Workplace Mental Health Resources with Amy Otto
Director of Customer Experience, Amy Otto, shares her personal story on how COVID-19 impacted her mental health and the importance of investing in mental health resources as an employer.
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A Message From Our President - May 2020
With so much still feeling so chaotic, I thought for our May mailer it might be a benefit to get a brief look at what emergent Telepsychiatry has looked like over the last 5+ months.
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Perspective: COVID-19 Q&A Session with Therapist Matt Driggers
For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has made a significant impact on our mental health. To learn how to better cope with these feelings of isolation, anxiety, and stress, VirtualMed Staff hosted a remote Q&A session with therapist Matthew Driggers.
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Is Telepsychiatry Right for You as a Provider?
Here’s a look at the benefits of practicing telepsychiatry and the commitment VirtualMed has to its partners when qualifying candidates.
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How Telepsychiatry Supports Healthcare Systems During the Psychiatric Patient Surge
Psychiatric patients are delaying treatment due to fears around COVID-19, leading many healthcare systems anticipating a surge in mental health related cases. Here's how telepsychiatry can support healthcare systems and address many of the upcoming challenges.
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