Predicting the Future Role of Telemedicine
As with any disruptive healthcare innovation, it takes time, validation, and the right catalyst before it becomes fully embraced across the medical community. With the coronavirus pandemic, one innovation is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape – telemedicine.
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A Message From Our President - November 2020
Thanksgiving reminds us at VirtualMed Staff of the importance of gratitude, and that’s equally true for our physicians. Somewhat lost in the daily work of these doctors, continually busy seeing patients at all hours of the day, is the commitment and interest these clinicians have in carefully treating each patient.
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Life After Coronavirus: Next Steps for Health Systems
Where do we go from here? With COVID-19's impact on the healthcare system, here are next steps for hospitals and health systems to prepare for life after coronavirus.
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Perspective: Remodeling Healthcare Through Telemedicine by Tommy Binner
VirtualMed Staff's Sr. Director of Business Development, Tommy Binner, shares his long-term view on telemedicine and how it's remodeling healthcare for the better.
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Perspective: Teleneurology Q&A and the Future of Telemedicine with Dr. Jeffrey English
At VirtualMed Staff, we’re fortunate to work with some of the top teleneurologists in the field. That’s why we reached out to Neurologist Dr. Jeffrey English for his perspective on teleneurology and the future of telemedicine.
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