World Cancer Day: Telemedicine’s Role in Early Detection
With nearly 9.6 million deaths from cancer each year, the World Cancer Day movement aims at addressing the nearly one third of cancer deaths that are preventable through early detection and treatment. One valuable healthcare solution that is supporting early detection is telemedicine.
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A Message From Our President - January 2021
My plan for the year 2021 isn’t a resolution. It’s a goal. I’ve come to realize I don’t really know what a resolution is – mainly because making up your mind to start doing something you never really did before isn’t the most convincing way to improve.
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Reaching the Peak of Telemedicine Requires an Experienced Guide
Despite how simple something may appear, an experienced guide can help you navigate unforeseen challenges. Here is a look at some common misconceptions about building a telemedicine program and how an experienced telemedicine partner can help guide you towards success.
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6 Strategies to Promote Your Telemedicine Program in 2021
Marketing a telemedicine program isn’t as simple as displaying a bright neon sign or updating your website’s homepage banner. Here are 6 strategies to promote your telemedicine program in 2021.
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5 Reasons Why Telepsychiatry Will Be Even Bigger in 2021
Telepsychiatry will be even bigger in 2021. With an increased focus on access to mental health resources and services, healthcare facilities and providers need to prepare now for the new year.
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