Perspective: When Did Telemedicine Stop Being a Crazy Idea?
When did telemedicine go from being a crazy idea to a valuable healthcare solution? Hear from VirtualMed Staff's Content Writer, Kyle Taylor, as he shares his perspective on the changing healthcare landscape.
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A Message from Our President - February 2021
This month I want to share the importance of scheduling for Telehealth services. VirtualMed Staff relies heavily on Belinda Gordon, our Physician Engagement Specialist, to ensure that each of our clients receives monthly schedules that provide complete coverage for specific programs.
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Is Workplace Mental Health the Next Big Employee Benefit?
The coronavirus pandemic revealed a glaring truth in America: mental health issues are pervasive. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as employers take an active role in providing access to mental health resources. Here’s why workplace mental health is a vital employee benefit in 2021 and beyond.
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Pieces of a Puzzle: The Components of a Full-Service Telemedicine Partner
A full-service telemedicine partner provides much more than just the physicians. In fact, when you look at the services and benefits that a telemedicine partner provides, physician recruitment represents only a piece of the overall telemedicine puzzle.
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How VirtualMed Staff Accomplished Zero Gaps in Patient Coverage in 2020
The promise of telemedicine is its ability to bring quality healthcare to patients whenever and wherever it’s needed. As a full-service telemedicine partner, VirtualMed Staff understands that one of the biggest factors to achieving this promise is ensuring consistent patient coverage for all our clients. Which is why we’re excited to announce that 2020 can officially be declared a “Zero Gaps in Patient Coverage” year!
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