What is next for telemedicine in 2023?
Telemedicine has played a considerable role in healthcare, especially during the last several years. How will virtual care evolve as we move into 2023 (and beyond)?
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Is the future of virtual care a hybrid model?
As telemedicine expands, many practices are embracing a hybrid care model - bringing the patient and physician together virtually in a clinic or hospital setting with the assistance of an in-office provider. This combination provides access to specialized treatment that otherwise would be challenging to attain while providing better continuity of care.
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A Message From Our President - November 2022
We try to share our gratitude daily with our associates, but as Thanksgiving is around the corner, I'm taking a slightly different approach and focusing on one of our teams. The outstanding work of our credentialing and privileging team helps us consistently get clinicians ready to work as promptly as possible. We are lucky and thankful to have them. So, for this month, I wanted to share "the why" reasons that they remain so committed to their work.
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How nurses play an important role in implementing successful telemedicine programs
Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare, including when it comes to technology. As telemedicine systems are being implemented throughout the country, nurses undoubtedly are influential in the success of these programs while handling several different roles beyond patient care, from managing equipment to creating effective training protocols.
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How telemedicine reduces stress for in-person providers
Practicing medicine has never been known as a stress-free profession, which is one reason we are facing a physician shortage across the country. However, telemedicine is lessening some of the burdens that come with in-person care, like optimizing schedules, delivering faster patient visits, addressing coverage gaps, and providing support for healthcare workers.
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