A Message From Our President - October 2022

Giving Gladly

Our parent company, Jackson Healthcare, provides hundreds of donations annually to non-profits of all types. Each company often selects a few organizations, and our associates are encouraged to support them through volunteerism. It's a great effort that is well supported by our many teams and brings a sense of community among us.

VirtualMed Staff gladly participates in this endeavor. One non-profit we support often is Sunshine on a Ranney Day. Based in Roswell, GA, this organization creates custom rooms for children with special needs at no cost to the family, from wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and dream bedrooms to in-home therapy spaces. Learn more about Sunshine on a Ranney Day here.

One of the primary reasons our associates enjoy working for this non-profit is that they see first-hand the importance of their efforts. When we witness the children and their parents' reactions as their home updates are shared, it's unbelievably moving to watch, thrilled with the improved bedroom and bathrooms.

Many of our team individuals, including myself, believe in the impact this company makes in helping children. Our associates volunteer gladly across a number of nonprofits because our team considers generosity to be a value. But we also benefit personally and together as a company, as making such a difference fuels our commitment to the idea of giving gladly.

- Jack


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