A Message From Our President - November 2022

We try to truly share our gratitude daily with our associates, particularly as Thanksgiving is around the corner.

This year I'm taking a slightly different approach and focusing on one of our teams, which, over and again, helps keep things moving forward. The outstanding work of our credentialing and privileging team helps us consistently get clinicians ready to work as promptly as possible. 

Day in, and day out, they make great things happen. We are lucky to have this incredible team. So for this month, I wanted to share "the why" reasons this team remains so committed to their work.

  • Megan C: Our patients and their families rely on the due diligence of our department. Knowing VirtualMed Staff physicians are the best of the best provides a sense of comfort and security for everyone involved. We work behind the scenes and help keep the wheels turning.
  • Megan A:  When I think about my role and the difference I can make, I think about how my job alleviates certain stressors from the providers so they can focus on what is important. By prepopulating, researching, and following up, I take required tasks the providers would have to do regardless and complete them. Assisting in such a major step and thinking about my job full circle makes me realize I am helping save lives around me.
  • Tyana C: My role is to ensure that all our physicians and allied health professionals have proper education and training, recognized by each professional state board for their program. This ensures that all patients we serve are protected and that VirtualMed complies with state and federal regulations.
  • Danesha M: As a credentialing coordinator, it is my duty to implement a structured credentialing process that verifies healthcare provider qualifications. Patients can trust that their healthcare providers' qualifications have been confirmed, assessed, and are in good standing to provide the best quality of care.

The work these four do is consistently excellent, and they are trained and aided by their leader, Dominique R, the AVP of Credentialing. This team of five can accomplish an amazing amount of work, and they do it gladly daily. We are lucky and thankful to have them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jack Williams


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