A Message From Our President - November 2020

Thanksgiving reminds us at VirtualMed Staff of the importance of gratitude, and that’s equally true for our physicians. Somewhat lost in the daily work of these doctors, continually busy seeing patients at all hours of the day, is the commitment and interest these clinicians have in carefully treating each patient. This applies around the clock to these outstanding physicians in Telepsychiatry and Teleneurology who are meeting patient needs across the country.

One recent event reminds me so deeply of the difference that Telehealth actively makes in the lives of patients, and the importance of scrutiny and thoughtfulness to understand the critical role of evaluating each patient’s needs. Recently, Dr. Mehdi, a psychiatrist covering a very busy health system in California, was called upon to evaluate a child and adolescent patient who was in the ER at the hospital, on a weekend. 

The patient was a relatively young teenager, and while Dr. Mehdi did not exclusively work with child and adolescent cases, she was comfortable completing the consult of the patient. While working virtually to conduct the interview and evaluation of the teenage patient, Dr. Mehdi began to believe there was something more serious affecting the patient. Fortunately, she shared her opinion immediately with the hospital staff and recommended that the patient get a CT scan. 

The good news? The hospital ER staff agreed and promptly acted on Dr. Mehdi’s advice. And as it happened, Dr. Mehdi’s opinion proved to be true. The CT scan results allowed the ER staff to confirm that the patient did in fact have a severe brain bleed, and they took the appropriate actions immediately. An apparent behavioral health issue with an ER patient was in fact something entirely different. Dr. Mehdi’s consultation and recommendations saved the patient from further life threatening complications.

Today, as Thanksgiving sits only a week away, this is what I am proud of – having outstanding physicians with the experience and instincts to help save patient’s lives.  Nothing could be more meaningful.