A Message From Our President - May 2021

In April, we hosted our first large webinar on Telepsychiatry best practices. It went wonderfully, with a lot of attendees and interest. Four guest speakers led the webinar:  Jon White, our VP of Clinical Operations, Amy Otto, our Director of Customer Experience, Dominique Roberson, our Director of Credentialing, and Sally Eckford, a leader at WellStar Health System, which is also one of our Telepsych clients here in the Atlanta market. 

The webinar was a great success, with plenty of input on best practices for an array of Telepsych services. This includes Emergent Care (patient assessments in the ER), Inpatient Care, Outpatient Care, and even Partial Hospitalization – services we provide across the United States. The webinar allowed us to share the significant expertise our VirtualMed team holds, as well as the equally strong understanding of our clients, such as Sally, who recognize the significance of the 24/7 care our physicians provide to WellStar Health. 

Takeaways from the webinar? It helped us with affirmation that Telepsychiatry can and does happen around the clock. Telepsych truly allows patient care to take place at any time needed, day or night. It also works very effectively in all settings, allowing us to continually focus on our missions – which is to See More Patients. We love that mission statement, as do our physicians.

This month’s newsletter will promote the webinar, so look for a link to the webinar itself, which has been recorded in order to share with all who have an interest.

As the month of May comes to an end, and summer looms before us, we’re making plans for many more webinars that can allow us to emphasize best practices in other types of Telehealth care. As we see summer arriving, VirtualMed Staff has truly enjoyed the new beginning of 2021, and the recovery so many people have seen as they take vaccines and can begin to put the virus outbreak behind us.

Jack Williams