A Message From Our President - July 2020

Accelerating the Launch of a Telemedicine Program

Can you accelerate the launch of a Telemedicine program? 

Yes, it can be done. It’s not necessarily the wisest thing to do, because hurrying leads to avoidable challenges. However, with the right resources, it is possible to turn up a program very quickly. The key is collaboration and cooperation.

Below are the major items around a two week implementation for a large Telestroke program in the mid-west. 

The program went live in December 2019, two weeks after the contract was signed in late November.  (Please note that a fee is charged for an accelerated go-live such as this).

Summary of the Implementation

  • VirtualMed Implementation Leader – Senior Project Manager
  • Program – Telestroke
  • # of Neurologists – Five
  • Coverage – 24/7/365 for approximately 100 strokes per month
  • Facilities – Seven hospitals across a large mid-west health system
  • EMR – A total of three different EMR’s in use
  • Hardware of client – iPads in the ICU and carts for the emergency department and on the floor
  • Stroke Workflows – Workflows were in place, but required some redefinition to meet the needs of the program
  • Credentialing/Privileging – Temporary privileges were required to make this very aggressive timeline
  • Onboarding/Training – There were very time consuming steps needed to properly train and prep physicians​​​​​

Reasons This Was Successful

  • VirtualMed’s Senior Project Managers led our entire staff through the challenges in the pace of the implementation
  • The client had a dedicated stakeholder working directly with our Senior PM, hour by hour
  • Each of Virtual Med’s business units worked simultaneously to stand up the program.  This included:
    • Project Management
    • Technology
    • Credentialing/Privileging
    • Recruiting
    • Clinical Operations
    • Accounting
    • Teamwork! 
    • The client was fully engaged in collaborating throughout the two week period before the go-live

While a go-live typically requires far more time than this, when the client health system is fully aligned with the implementation plan provided by VirtualMed, it not only can be done - it can be done with great success.