A Message From Our President - February 2022

VirtualMed Staff has been a proud participant in The Joint Commission’s Ambulatory Accreditation Program since 2016. Several weeks ago we completed our third onsite survey, and while we have always done very well in these audits, this year we outdid our past performances. We were 100% accurate in all required standards from The Joint Commission. From credentialing processes and documentation to observing multiple telehealth patient evaluations in real time to onsite protocols for our building, The Joint Commission standards are incredibly difficult to maintain. Which is why we take so much pride in having no errors or oversights in our efforts.

While many of our associates assist in the efforts needed to maintain our standards, one person on our team deserves some special praise. Senior Project Manager, Patrick Hess, led every facet of the work needed to keep our accreditation status, and in doing so this year, Patrick led us through an error-free audit. Every question, concern, and follow-up item surfaced by our Joint Commission auditor promptly turned into carefully documented activities. There was no question placed with Patrick that he wasn’t well ahead of, and as such it was easily the most fun audit we’ve had.

And let’s face it, the audits aren’t always fun. But thanks to Patrick, our committed physicians and our VirtualMed team, this year’s survey was very nearly perfect. We are now entering year 7 of managing all standards from The Joint Commission to maintain our accreditation status – something we take very seriously. Attention to quality has always been especially important to us.

As a telehealth company proudly serving patients across the United States in both telepsychiatry and teleneurology, our 3-year renewal of accreditation with The Joint Commission is something we will remain very proud of as the next few years pass by. We are evaluated and approved to be outstanding in what we do, something we do not take lightly.

Our theme for 2022 is “It’s Up to Us,” since we recognize as a team that so much that has to happen relies on our unified efforts to provide excellence in patient care. And as we move forward into March, one thing I want to repeat is my gratitude to Patrick Hess who led VirtualMed Staff to a perfect score in our audit. It’s an amazing feat, by a kind and thoughtful gentleman.

Here’s to a great month in March 2022.