A Message From Our President - December 2020

For me, the Christmas holiday that is fast approaching always feels like good news.  It’s a reminder of many things that matter, and it’s a time when I often reflect on the entire calendar year.  On the ups and downs we’ve all experienced in such an odd year of fundamental change to our lives.  And I’m grateful, in the simplest of ways, for good people and good news.  It’s my hope that as you read this, you will also find good news for which to be thankful, and that you share it with the people that matter most to you.

Our panel of Neurologists who provide Telestroke coverage for a large system in the south recently received some very good news from the system.  In the first 45 days of providing service, the physicians’ efforts collectively have allowed the health system to reduce its door to needle time (for stroke cases) by 21 minutes in one hospital, and by 13 minutes in another.  That’s a huge improvement. The physicians’ efforts have also aided the hospital in doing as many Thrombectomies in November as the hospital did on its own in Q2 and Q3 combined. 

That’s good news, and that’s something to celebrate. 

It’s my wish that today, and every day, you seek to find the good news that’s there before you.  It’s always there.  Sometimes it just takes some patience to find.

Merry Christmas.