A Message From Our President - August 2022

Can you imagine waiting nine months for an appointment with a neurologist while dealing with Parkinson's disease? How about waiting eight months while suffering from migraines? It seems extreme, but it is happening. The fact is that the population suffering from neurological disorders is getting larger, while the availability of neurologists is decreasing. It has become so prevalent in recent years that the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) describes this provider shortage as a "grave threat" to providing high-quality patient care.

But it doesn't have to be that way. At VirtualMed Staff, we have a passion for providing quality, invaluable neurology care at a time when it has never been more needed. We genuinely believe in accomplishing this mission by delivering virtual physicians that are available to patients regardless of their geographic location, whether in an emergent or non-emergent setting. The reality is that most of us, or someone close to us, will need to see a neurologist at some point in our/their lives. Having access to these specialists when we need them most is critical.

Hospitals need to see more patients, especially during this time when there are more neurology patients than ever before. More and more physicians are starting to realize teleneurology's value. Recently, top neurologists reviewed the elements of a neuro exam to determine if they could be efficiently conducted online, and the overwhelming response was yes!

But we also recognize that providers have been through a lot, especially during these last few years. Many are so burned out that they are leaving the profession altogether. And while I totally understand the need to balance family, mental health, and career, this has left a gap in available neurological care. However, we are happy to say that many of these healthcare providers are making a career jump to telemedicine. These physicians still want to find a way to serve patients while maintaining a work/life balance, and virtual medicine has been able to give them that option.

Teleneurology is changing healthcare for the better, and we are happy to be a part of the solution for providers, hospitals, and patients.

- Jack


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