A Message From Our President - April 2022

Here at VirtualMed Staff, we’ve regularly valued our mission statement to see more patients. It’s what we help hospitals and clinics do and I must admit I truly believe in this statement, as does our entire team.

We have never intended that mission statement to suggest we ask our clinicians to hurry. On the contrary, we don’t want them to hurry at all. We encourage our clinicians to take the amount of time needed to properly evaluate a patient and then carefully and properly provide documentation to the hospital’s EMR system. Whether care takes place in the ER, an inpatient bed, or an outpatient setting, we firmly believe our clinicians should not rush.

And so they don’t. It’s become a cultural standard for us to have our outstanding clinicians provide excellent care for each patient. Each one matters. As a result, a very healthy element of our culture is to seek out clinicians who want to work in an environment that focuses on our expectations: a strong belief in the power of virtual care, a commitment to maintaining a solid webside manner, and the need for excellent patient care. To do this consistently, with great care, means there’s no place to hurry foolishly. So, we don’t. Even when we have a pressing acute case for telepsychiatry or telestroke patients, our focus remains on what is best and most needed for the patient. We like it this way.

There’s a benefit in this, too. By providing virtual care with our ongoing focus on seeing more patients (and again, that does not mean hurrying), we hope to establish an emotional connection between what we offer and what more and more providers want - excellent patient care provided by clinicians whose own beliefs and goals are aligned with ours. How we do this means we openly recognize now and then the cultural fit may not fit. But by being open in our efforts, we keep extending that emotional connection that helps us be our best by working with the most committed clinicians.

With many years behind us and far more ahead, we will continue to ensure that the clinicians who join us also share our goal of providing outstanding patient care. And that outstanding care must include never rushing through a patient assessment. We believe in this, and we believe it’s a key approach to finding clinicians who match with our goals and mission.

Never hurry!

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