A Message From Our President - April 2021

Life is a Series of One-Day Contracts

Parents of small children and dogs already know - it feels good to have something as simple as your return home cause happiness to suddenly erupt.

Making it home safely ought to be cause for celebration though. Each day we go out into the world and count on returning to our loved ones safe and sound and in one piece. It’s one element of what we all expect of a good day, or what we ought to.

If we have any sense, we’re grateful when the gift of a good day closes with things that matter – a hug, a baseball game, the sound of children, a homemade meal, the soft thump of an old dog’s wagging tail against a rug. All these small daily gifts of grace that abound if we just look for them.

Years ago, a good friend of mine reminded me of something essential that I had overlooked. He emailed me to say this: Life is a series of one-day contracts.

At the time I received this note, I didn’t know which things pleased me more - the idea of life as a series of one-day contracts or my friend’s fine summation that grace is grace. Yet what stayed with me was his recognition that, in the end, what we all long for is something simple: a few extra days.

More time.

When a given day with all its "have to’s" becomes redefined by virtue of it being a final day, our perspective is clarified in full. We face the hard truth that what is given can surely be taken, and then we’re ready to lobby for extra days. We’re grateful for them, and we’ll fight to get more.

What better response to life's wrinkles is there than gratitude for what we have than complaining about what we lack? When your days are spent wearing the shoes of responsibility, it helps to set time aside to weigh a day’s wins and losses, to leave room for noticing the small good things that come along, unexpected but needed.

To use extra days at all, much less to use them well, we have to get them in the first place. 

Grace is grace.

Our mission at VirtualMed Staff remains simple and direct: To see more patients. Telehealth gives us a forum to impact the lives of patients across the United States by seeing patients at all hours of the day and night. Focused continually on Telepsychiatry and Teleneurology, our physicians stay fixed on their responsibilities to do their best each day. To save lives in big and small ways, but to always be providing care.

This is why my pride in these physicians continues, over and again. Please enjoy the highlights in this month’s newsletter, which focus on several of our physicians and the stories behind their choices to provide telehealth services to patients in need.

Take this with you today: Life is a series of one-day contracts.

Jack Williams