3 Takeaways from Modern Healthcare’s Virtual Health Virtual Briefing

modern healthcare virtual health virtual briefing


VirtualMed Staff recently partnered with Modern Healthcare for a Virtual Health Virtual Briefing to discuss the current state of telemedicine and what healthcare facilities and hospitals can expect from virtual care moving forward. Sharing the stage with a panel of healthcare experts and leaders, VirtualMed Staff President, Jack Williams, provided insight into telemedicine’s big moment and the lessons we learned as a full-service telemedicine partner throughout the pandemic. 

We appreciate everyone who was able to tune in for the insightful and engaging panel discussion. If you missed it, no problem. A recording is available here and we’re happy to recap the key takeaways below.

1. Building strong relationships in telemedicine is more important than ever

In difficult times, we rely on those around us for support – and the pandemic was no exception. In response to the rising demand for telemedicine, hospitals and healthcare systems had to quickly alter virtual care strategy and rapidly adapt to the shifting challenges brought on by the pandemic.

One of the biggest lessons that Jack Williams and VirtualMed Staff learned throughout the pandemic was the importance of building strong relationships with our partners and clients. “What we saw during the pandemic was the unbelievable impact it was having on hospitals across the country,” says Jack. “We’ve continued doing what we’ve always done, we listen well, we act upon what’s needed, and we establish deep relationships with our client base,” says Jack.

As patient surges came in and service lines became strained, constant communication allowed VirtualMed Staff to respond appropriately when needed to support hospitals across the country. “We were on the phone with each hospital daily, sometimes upwards of 10 times a day, to meet the needs of our clients and support them,” says Jack.

Telemedicine can be unfamiliar territory for many hospitals across the country. As we move forward and new challenges arise, building strong relationships between hospitals and their telemedicine partners is more important than ever before.

2. Ensuring a positive telemedicine experience

A common myth surrounding telemedicine is the belief that it’s less personable than an in-person visit. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and as Jack pointed out, the solution relies on clear and consistent communication between all stakeholders to ensure a positive telemedicine experience.

“Telemedicine visits should not be an in-and-out situation,” says Jack. “The entire process should involve plenty of communication between the patient, their families, the onsite staff, and the telemedicine physician.”

Jack continues by explaining that after each telemedicine visit, the virtual physician should speak to the onsite physician and explain what they’ve identified and the next steps for the patient. The reason, as Jack explains, is simple, “It not only builds confidence between the onsite clinician and the virtual physician, but, most importantly, with the patient. The key is that you have to talk to people, because if the appointment is done too quickly then you’ll lose trust.”  

3. Telemedicine is no longer a novelty, it’s an expectation

The pandemic proved that telemedicine is no longer a novelty but an expectation of patients – and it’s not going away. “There’s no turning back from telemedicine,” says Jack.

“The most exciting part about telemedicine right now is that it’s going to continue to rapidly improve in such a manner that people will be surprised by its capabilities in the future,” says Jack. In the same way that people 20 years ago would be surprised at the current capabilities of cell phones, telemedicine will continue to evolve and offer new and surprising capabilities.

“There’s a level of innovation with telemedicine occurring now that will address what’s really needed and come together in new and exciting ways that we never would have anticipated,” continues Jack.

These are just 3 of the biggest takeaways from VirtualMed Staff and Modern Healthcare’s Virtual Health Virtual BriefingTo view the entire panel discussion and learn more about where we go from here with telemedicine, follow the link. If you have additional questions or feedback, schedule a call with a virtual care specialist and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.