Physician Spotlight: Dr. Atul Sheth
The Physician Spotlight Series is an opportunity to highlight the value and expertise of VirtualMed Staff’s team of physicians. Throughout this series, our goal is to share our physicians’ stories, their journeys with telemedicine, and detail the value and benefits that telemedicine offers to patients across the country.
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“Will This Work?” Effective Strategies for a Successful Telemedicine Launch
Here are several effective strategies that will help shake off the pre-launch jitters and prepare for a successful telemedicine program launch.
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Is telemedicine cybersecurity a top concern at your hospital? It should be
Hospitals invest in the security of their physical front-door, but are they investing enough to secure their digital backdoor? As hospitals invest more in the digital transformation, they’ll want to ensure they are also investing in protecting patient data and cybersecurity threats.
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A Message from Our President - March 2021
VirtualMed Staff President, Jack Williams, shares his monthly update regarding the company, telemedicine, and patient care.
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Perspective: When Did Telemedicine Stop Being a Crazy Idea?
When did telemedicine go from being a crazy idea to a valuable healthcare solution? Hear from VirtualMed Staff's Content Writer, Kyle Taylor, as he shares his perspective on the changing healthcare landscape.
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