Physician Spotlight: Dr. Tahir Khan
"Initially, it was the flexibility that drew me to practice telemedicine. However, as I kept doing it, I became impressed with the way you can use technology to become more productive and see more patients in a shorter amount of time.”
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Diversity and Inclusion, Please Dance with Me by Dominique Juif-Roberson
If you believe in Diversity and Inclusion, not only do you need to invite me to the party, but you also need to ask me to dance. As Medical Staff Professionals, from hospital settings to health insurance companies, we have a duty to serve our patients – all of them.
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A Message from Our President - September 2021
I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Briefing with Modern Healthcare. Set to air on October 21st, the briefing included a panel discussion of healthcare leaders and physicians all tasked with answering the same question around telemedicine: “What now?”
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Perspective: How COVID is Transforming Telemedicine Recruitment with Donna Frazier
COVID-19 is transforming healthcare. At the frontline is Donna Frazier, Director of Telemedicine Recruitment at VirtualMed Staff, who shares her insight into how COVID-19 is transforming telemedicine recruitment and what she anticipates moving forward.
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Answers to the 3 Most Common Questions a Telemedicine Recruiter Receives
It’s important to know which questions to ask and what answers to look for when looking to practice telemedicine. Here are answers to the 3 most common questions a telemedicine recruiter receives.
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